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Ultimate Coaching Programme

Includes 21 x 60 minute sessions

12 monthly payments of £287.00
- OR - Single payment of £3130.00 (save £314.00)

This coaching will help you to identify what it is you REALLY want. The steps to help you to achieve it AND exclusively to my coaching I will be helping you to release trapped emotions that could be holding you back from achieving it.

With all of my years of experience I have discovered that there are so many trapped emotions that get in the way of us achieving our dreams. Subconscious patterns that can sabotage our efforts and this is why many have sporadic success even with traditional forms of coaching.

If you are fed up of getting to another year and still not being where you want to be, who you want to be or have the things/experiences in life that you have wanted, this coaching is for YOU!

Here is a break down of how your sessions will be staggered: * First 4 Sessions are Weekly and cover: Ultimate Unlimited Vision, Goals, Trapped Emotions, Projects and Steps * Sessions 5 - 8 are Fortnightly and cover: Lists and Prioritising, Milestones, Steps, Trapped Emotions, Review * Sessions 9 - 20 are every 3 weeks and cover: Homework, Goals, Achievements, Challenges, Tracker, Trapped Emotions, Review as well as your continuation of your lists, current prioritisation, step break down * Session 21 is your year review, reflections, accomplishments and celebrations

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